Augustin de Cointet de Fillain

After a career as an officer in French Foreign Legion, Augustin de Cointet de Fillain has been head of 2 major venues runed by Culturespaces from 2013: the medieval castle of les Baux de Provence and the Carrières de Lumières. Theses venues welcome more than 900.000 visitors per year.

In 2016 he was appointed as chief executive of Art and Music Immersive Experience exhibitions. Among other, he is responsible for the development operations of AMIEX worldwide, for the coordination with the artistic director and the prospecting of new artistic experiences, and for the upgrading of technical processes.

Augustin’s keynote:

Discovering an Art & Music Immersive Experience exhibition is a truly unique artistic experience. This is a physical and intense emotional experience as one beholds the masterpieces that have marked the history of art. Visitors are truly immersed in the pictorial world of the greatest artists.

Designed to be digital shows, these exhibitions are created using images of projected pictures, which are animated in a very precise way. The experience is heightened by a selection of music carefully chosen for the show.

A pioneer in the field of digital exhibitions, Culturespaces has developed a novel approach to presenting art to the general public. This new concept is extremely popular and appeals to all audiences, from those who are passionate about art to other people who do not usually visit traditional museums.

Opened in 2012, Les Carrieres de Lumières welcome more than 550,000 visitors each year. Les Ateliers de Lumières, a new venue in Paris opened in April 2018, welcomed 300,000 visitors in 2 months…