See video of the keynotes day 1 here:

Day 1


Opening and Welcome

Opening Keynote «The Problem with Travel» – Dough Lansky


Brand Stories: Thinking about Perspectives

Experts from around the world share their insights

The Silent Traveller – Seismonaut

Your Brand Reputation – Michael Kessler, ReviewPro

Industry Expert Discussion

Norway – easy to like, easy to share – Ingrid Nernæs, Innovation Norway


The Real Time Marketing Opportunity

Real Time Marketing: The opportunity of Now

Case Study: Transforming SNCB in Real Time – Kim Castro, SNCB

Interview: Becoming a Social Enterprise – Mawghan McCabe, Engagor

The Importance of Adapting in Real Time – Niklas Hellerstedt, Göteborg & Co

Talking Heads


New Tech from Wearables to Nearables

The Digital Fabric: How Travel is Changing

iBeacons Transforming the Visitor Experience, Daan Richards – Prophets

Strategic Marketing Partnerships

This is Copenhagen: Strategy, Partnership, Delivery – Rylle Maja Sønderstrup & Thomas Høyr

Holmenkollen & AirBnB Campaign – Jesper Vik

VisitOslo Digital Leadership & Transformation – Bente Holm

Creative Partnership Debate

Wrap up Day 1 and Key Takeaways for Day 2

Social Get Together @Hotel Ernst

Day 2 – Business Workshop

9:00-12:00: Business Accelerator Workshop

Getting to know the Digital Accelerator Framework
Digital Maturity Benchmarking on the fly
How to step up the maturity ladder
Businesses & their digital journeys
Implementing learnings and moving towards strategic success

13:00-15:00: Practical «How to» workshop with Espen Grimmert
«Økt salg via sosiale medier og søk»

13:00-15:00: Hvordan forbedre din nettside – Netlife Research/NHO Reiseliv

Day 2 – DMO Digital Transformation Workshop

9:00 – 15:00

Opening the discussion – what’s digital transformation
The destination perspective
The business perspective – snapshot on what it means to be a «ready» business
«Creative thinking» – challenging the status quo
Teamstorm to transform – designing for the future
DMO challenges to consider
«Making the case»: presenting a future destination