David Merten

David Merten lives in Prague in the Czech Republic with his Czech wife and little son. He is originally from Germany where he studied Social Works and Drama Teaching.

During the day time he works as a life and business coach, supporting people in crisis to find solutions and strategies when coping with stress and challenges. BUT, he also has a passion for theatre and tour guiding in the Czech Capital Prague and together with 8 colleagues he offers medieval tours in the old town where they focus on historical facts and represent forgotten Czech heroes. And with the drama background they strongly believe that we learn more by having fun…

They started their two tours; The Nightwatchman of Prague and The Plague Doctor, back in 2013, and since then they’ve had customers from more than 50 countries who value their historical knowledge but also the engaging entertainment while sharing the facts.

But then came Covid-19.
From one day to the other. No customers.

But David and his team is used to finding solutions. And quickly they moved their tours online.