Nick Hall

With a background in destination marketing of more than a decade, Nick is one of the tourism industry’s leading experts on destination marketing. As founder of the Digital Tourism Think Tank, the leading platform connecting destinations worldwide on topics such as digital trends and transformation, Nick has worked with hundreds of destinations helping to navigate the complexities of an increasingly digital visitor experience.

Nick has led the industry to think about ‘Destination Transformation’ and the impact the ‘always on’ visitor, the multi-touchpoint path to purchase and the need for organisations to think differently about their approach. At the core of Nick’s message and expertise is the need to stay current, on par with consumer trends, and foster a culture of innovation to remain competitive. More recently, his focus has shifted to identifying recovery solutions for industry and supporting tourism’s sustainable return to a more resilient post-pandemic future.

Nick is a sought after keynote speaker with hundreds of engagements to his name, speaking extensively throughout Europe and further afield from Hawaii to Greenland to Cape Town to Singapore.

Nick’s opening keynote

The Defining Moment for our Industry

How do you reflect on a year of so much chaos and devastation? What will be the consequence, the leanings and the impact of a momentary pause to life as we once knew it? The freedom to roam, to travel, to explore and to embrace, things we once took for granted have become something we long for. Whilst the world gradually returns to some kind of ‘new normal’, we in the travel industry must ask ourselves one key question. What does this mean for us?

As a community, we are disrupted, hurting and facing a difficult and uncertain future. Amongst the challenges we face, there is reason for optimism. In the ‘new normal’, the values that drive us and strategies which lead us to succeed require us to re-evaluate and to do better.